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Burn Valley Vineyard



A family run vineyard based in North Norfolk and just a -grown including Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Pinot Blanc, Bacchus & Solaris. They make the full range of wines; red, rose, white, white & rose sparkling and a dessert wine. The vineyard is south facing and has a base soil of chalk. It is self draining and perfect for vines. The grapes are hand picked and the wine is made at the vineyard.

WHITE SPARKLING – Made from 50% each of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The wine has a vibrant mousse with small lively bubbles. The bouquet is feint but slightly vegetal. It has a light citrus taste with positive acidity – perfect as an aperitif or with fish or white meats.

BACCHUS 2023 – This very popular grape variety comes to its best here in North Norfolk. It has a very pale colour – only a hint of straw yellow. The bouquet is floral with a little citrus and summer fruits. The taste is dry and well balanced with a hint of fruit. It has a medium finish which will enhance any food but also perfect as an aperitif.

THE ROSE – A perfect example of a pink Pinot Noir wine. A bright and clear salmon pink coloured wine with summer fruits abundant on the nose. It has balanced acidity with a little residual sugar on the tip of the tongue. Summer fruits are delicious in the mouth.

PINOT BLANC RESERVE 2020 – A pale crystal clear white wine with just a hint of straw on the edge. A floral nose with summer flowers and white peach. A fresh wine with balanced acidity and residual sugar on the tongue. A medium soft finish.

PINOT NOIR 2020 – A bright deep red wine with light edges. Slight vegetal nose with plum fruits to finish. A little lavender which also reaches the side of the tongue. Very slight saltiness on the taste with a medium smooth finish.

MARSH RED 2020 – A bright and clear red wine with a hint of purple. Summer fruits and slightly vegetal on the nose. Slight sugar on the tip of the tongue, with saltiness on the side of the tongue. Summer fruits with soft tannins on the taste with a medium finish.