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South Pickenham Vineyard



Origins of the South Pickenham Vineyard

Our vineyard was planted back in 1988 using vine varieties from Germany and an old support system called Geneva double curtain, these varieties and support system were the best at that time and perhaps showed some forward thinking by the then owner. We are still using this style of support but are making some major changes to the way the vines are managed and varieties we use.

We have introduced Bacchus and Chardonnay and plan to introduce a red grape vine in the not too distant future. We have started to produce a Rosé and have a pink fizz in the pipeline, all our sparkling wines are produced in the Champagne style, secondary fermented in the bottle and left on the lees for at least 3 years. We have an association with a vineyard in Tuscany which provides supporting advise with operational activity, as well as employing the services of an agronomist to monitor plant health.

Over the years more varieties of vine have become available in the UK and global warming may well be enabling others to be grown here too, this coupled to more UK vineyards experimenting with variety choices has made the UK wine industry a rapidly developing, exciting, and expanding market.