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Winbirri Vineyard



Discover the Legacy of an English vineyard at Winbirri Estate

Founded in 2007 by Stephen Dyer, a local farmer and entrepreneur with a passion for wine, the Winbirri Estate became the first significant wine-making estate in Norfolk. Stephen’s dream was realized when his son, Lee Dyer, took over in 2010 after returning from Asia and Australia and completing his studies in Viticulture at Plumpton. Under Lee’s leadership, the estate saw two more major plantings in 2010 and 2012, solidifying its place as a premier English Wine Producer.

Winemaking with Passion at the Heart of Winbirri Estate

At Winbirri, wine is more than just a beverage, it’s a way of life. The Winbirri team takes pride in crafting and sharing their sublime grape elixirs, which serve as a window into the rich history of winemaking. Every bottle of Winbirri wine is a gift from the gods, meant to enrich the taste buds and enlighten the soul.

Experience the Art and Nature of Winemaking at Winbirri

Crafting exceptional wines is an art form that requires a perfect balance of nature, science, and art. At Winbirri Estate, an English vineyard, we believe in this balance and follow a meticulous winemaking process. We pay utmost attention to the quality of grapes, ensuring only the finest yields by controlling harvests at two tonnes per acre. Our constant pursuit of improvement and dedication to quality result in wines that are truly exceptional.